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  • Learn about Windows Cryptography
    AspEncrypt is built around the Microsoft CryptoAPI application programming interface which is part of Win32 API. It is important to know the basic concepts of CryptoAPI to understand how AspEncrypt works. If you are a newbie in cryptography, Crypto 101 may be a good starting point for you.

  • Start Using the AspEncrypt Component
    Learn how to register and use AspEncrypt in an ASP or VB project.

  • Manage Cryptographic Providers and Contexts
    Learn basic cryptographic operations with AspEncrypt such as opening a cryptographic context or setting a default cryptographic provider.

  • Encrypt/Decrypt Files and Messages
    Learn how to generate and manage cryptographic keys and how to use them for file and text encryption and decryption.

  • Encrypt Credit Card Info with a Random Key
    Find out how to efficiently encrypt short text strings such as credit card numbers using a random symmetric key stored in the registry.

  • Implement a Secure File Upload and Download System
    Use AspEncrypt in conjunction with the AspUpload component to make your web-based file management system truly secure. Encrypt files as you upload them, and decrypt files as you download them.

  • Protect a Password Database with a One-way Hash Function
    Your web application employs a database of user names and passwords. It is not a good idea to keep the passwords in the clear. The Hash function will help you protect the password information even if your database is stolen.

  • Implement a File Identification System using the Hash
    Your application allows users to upload images to the server. The image files are kept in a database repository as blobs. It is possible that the same image can appear under different file names. To conserve space, you want to prevent multiple copies of the same image to be stored. How do you efficiently check whether an identical file already exists in the database? The Hash function comes to the rescue again.

  • Create and Verify Digital Signatures
    Learn how to create and verify digital signatures.

  • Manage Certificates and Certificate Stores
    Learn how to open certificate stores, enumerate certificates in it, obtain individual certificates from a store by serial number, import certificates from a file, etc. Find out about important issues associated with using certificates in the ASP environment.

  • Send Secure Mail
    Use the AspEmail SMTP component with AspEcnrypt to generate email messages in the S/MIME format. Use digital certificates to send encrypted messages, signed messages, and messages that are first signed and then encrypted.

  • Issue Certificates
    Set up your own Certification Authority (CA) without the help of the Microsoft Certificate Server. Learn how to issue self-signed and CA-signed certificates.

  • Use AspEncrypt as a Client-side ActiveX Control
    Starting with version 2.0, AspEncrypt provides a client-side ActiveX sub-component, XEncrypt, which enables you to perform cryptographic operations on the user machine without jeopardizing the security of the user's private key.

  • Generate PKCS#7 Signatures and Envelopes
    Starting with version 2.0, AspEncrypt is capable of generating detached digital signatures and envelopes (encrypted messages) in the PKCS#7 format. You can now encrypt and sign data directly with a digital certificate in one easy step.
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