Live Demo Applications

Put AspEncrypt to work now by running these demos on our server:
  1. One-way Hash Computation

    Interactively compute hash values of various text strings. Note that even a slight change in the input causes the corresponding hash value to change drastically (avalanche effect).

  2. Text Encryption/Decryption

    This demo allows you to encrypt and decrypt text strings online using various ciphers and password-derived encryption keys.

  3. File Encryption/Decryption

    With this demo, you can upload files to our server and encrypt them using a cipher of your choice. An encrypted file can be downloaded back to your machine and uploaded to the server again for decryption. The file upload functionality is provided by AspUpload.

  4. Encrypted Mail

    Send yourself a certificate-based encrypted email message in the industry-standard S/MIME format. The message will be decrypted automatically by your S/MIME-enabled email client software using your private key. In this demo, AspEncrypt is used in tandem with AspEmail.

  5. Digitally Signed Mail

    This demo was originally designed for the AspEmail component. Check the "Signature" box to enable the digital signature functionality of the AspEncrypt/AspEmail tandem.

  6. Personal Certification Authority

    Obtain a free personal digital certificate from the "Persits Software Certification Authority", a demo CA based on AspEncrypt. You need Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) to use this demo.

  7. Server SSL Certification Authority

    Tired of paying big bucks to Verisign for your SSL certificates? Stop! With AspEncrypt, you can "bake" your own server certificates totally free. For starters, obtain a free instant SSL certificate from our demo CA.