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  CryptoName Object
The CryptoName object provides a convenient way to access a certificate's Issuer and Subject information. which is a collection of tagged components. The most common tags are CN (common name), E (email), O (organization), OU (organizational unit), L (locale), S (state), and C (country).

Properties Methods
This object has no methods

  CryptoName Properties

Item ( Optional Index = "" ) As String (Read-Only)
If Index is omitted, returns the issuer or subject information in the form of a CR/LF-separated list of tagged components.

If Index is specified, looks for and returns the component (or list of components) which tag is specified by Index.

This is the default property, so its name can be omitted.


Subject = Cert.Subject.Item (or simply Cert.Subject)


IssuerCommonName = Cert.Issuer("CN")

Prior to version 2.5, this parameterized property was a method. In VB Script, this makes no difference but in C#, you must now use [ ] instead of ( ) as follows:

String strSubject = Cert.Subject["cn"];

Related Task: 4.2 Working with Certificate Stores.

Name As String (Read-Only)

Looks for and returns the first non-empty name component in the subject or issuer in the following order: CN, OU, O, E. If all these components are empty, returns an empty string.

Related Task: 4.2 Working with Certificate Stores.

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