CryptoCrl Object


The CryptoCrl object represents a Certificate Revocation List (CRL), which is a signed package containing a list of serial numbers and revocation dates of certificates which a Certification Authority has chosen to revoke.

An instance of the CryptoCrl object representing an existing CRL is obtained via the CryptoManager.ImportCrlFromFile method or CryptoStore.CRLs collection. An empty CryptoCrl object is created via the CryptoContext.CreateCRL method.

Member List


Dates As Variant (Read-only)

Returns a Variant-wrapped safe array of Variants representing the list of the respective certificate revocation dates.


Dim Dates
Dates = CRL.Dates
For i = 0 To UBound(Dates)
   Response.Write Dates(i) & "<BR>"

EffectiveDate As Date (Read-only)

Indicates when this CRL was published.

Issuer As CryptoName (Read-only)

Returns the CRL's issuer information in the form of a CryptoName object.

NextUpdate As Date (Read-only)

Indicates when the next CRL is scheduled to be available.

SerialNumbers As Variant (Read-only)

Returns a Variant-wrapped safe array of Variants representing the list of certificate serial numbers (in the Hex format) this CRL contains.


Dim Serials
Serials = CRL.SerialNumbers
For i = 0 To UBound(Serials)
   Response.Write Serials(i) & "<BR>"

StoreName As String (Read-only)

Returns this CRL's store name. This property is only meaningful if this CRL object was obtained using CryptoStore's CRLs collection. Otherwise it returns an empty string.


Sub AddRevocation(SerialNumber As String, RevocationDate As Date)

Adds the serial number (in the Hex format) of a certificate to be revoked along with the respective revocation date to a CRL.


CRL.AddRevocation "03804327900089BF11D363E8EFF4131D", Now()

Sub ExportToFile(Path As String)

Exports the CRL to a file.


CRL.ExportToFile "c:\mycrl.crl"
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